MCR Engineering Installs an Esidock Pod for a Well Known Food Processing Company in Munster

March 7, 2018 |

MCR Engineering recently installed an Esidock pod for a well known food processing company in Munster. The Esidock pod for this client was installed in an existing building. The Esidock can be integrated into an existing building or incorporated in a standalone dock pod; the pod can be insulated with a combination of door options depending on the application.

Esidock: The solution for unbroken cold chain.

  • With Esidock you can provide an unbroken cold chain with provision to open docked vehicle doors into loading dock
  • Esidock provides a secure environmental seal between docked vehicle and loading dock
  • Esidock features retractable dock bumpers to allow unrestricted access into docked vehicle
  • Esidock is designed to service the conventional range of refrigerated containerised vehicles
  • Esidock components are easily accessed for cleaning