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MCR Engineering: Esidock

Esidock has revolutionised the drive-thru loading process where high levels of sanitation and energy conservation is demanded. Hygiene, temperature control and facility contamination during the loading and unloading processes are the major issues in food and pharma related transportation. The Esidock unique design incorporates the fundamental principles for efficiency, safety and energy conservation whilst maintaining an unbroken seal between the docked vehicle and the loading dock. For the first time in the industry the doors of the docked vehicle can be opened into the loading bay, a flexible 4 sided environmental seal secures the cold chain and a vertically stored articulated dock leveller enables efficient drive-thru access onto the vehicle.The system is corrosion resistant and is specifically designed to allow for easy cleaning of the complete loading dock. The Esidock can be integrated into an existing building or incorporated in a standalone dock pod; the pod can be insulated with a combination of door options depending on the application.


Esidock: The solution for unbroken cold chain.

  • With Esidock you can provide an unbroken cold chain with provision to open docked vehicle doors into loading dock
  • Esidock provides a secure environmental seal between docked vehicle and loading dock
  • Esidock features retractable dock bumpers to allow unrestricted access into docked vehicle
  • Esidock is designed to service the conventional range of refrigerated containerised vehicles
  • Esidock components are easily accessed for cleaning



ClearDock is a fully automated system enabling the bumpers to retract by hydraulic rams providing efficiency for warehouse operators and for the truck driver. By enabling the opening of docked vehicle doors into the loading dock, ClearDock vastly increases loading and unloading productivity reducing turnaround times. ClearDock provides a secure loading dock ensuring the truck can be docked into the loading bay and left there without opening truck or warehouse doors while the operator is preparing to attend the bay.


Constant Contact Seal

Constructed from robust but simple components the Constant Contact Seal solution is suitable for the majority of truck types and has multiple application possibilities. To ensure compatibility with the users’ needs there are a variety of versions available. EsiDock Constant Contact Seal has been designed for ease of fitment in both new build and retrofit applications. The Constant Contact Seal outperforms its inflatable competitor in both operational and economic terms.


Double Deck Vehicle Lift

The double deck lift provides a cost effective and highly efficient means of loading double deck trailers. The free standing design allows this lift to be installed in both new and existing sites.  A wide range of finishes allow the lift to merge seamlessly with any building.


Esidock Air Doors

Unique air door products providing an invisible and impermeable entry barrier to freezer and chill rooms.


Sample Esidock Projects Include:

  • Aryzta: Dublin. 18 Constant Contact Dock Seals. Value: €65k
  • Finnebrogue Artisan Foods: Down. 4 Esidock systems with vehicle restraint system.   Value: €180k
  • Glanbia: Monaghan. 2 Esidock Dock systems. Value: €75k
  • JSL: Grifols, Dublin. 7 Esidock loading dock systems. Value €200k
  • Lacpatrick: Derry. 1 Esidock system. Value €40k
  • Newcold: Poland. 17 Esidock systems. Value €450k
  • Newcold: U.K. 14 Esidock systems. Value: €370k
  • Pepsico: Cork. 1 Esidock dock pod system. Value: €45k
  • PJ Hegarty: Regeneron, Limerick. 4 Esidock Dock Pod systems. Value: €200k
  • Vitacress Salada: Andover, U.K. 13 Esidock Dock systems. Value: €455k


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