MCR Security Team Participate in Dublin Fire Brigade High Rise Training at Capital Dock

May 3, 2019 |

Dublin Fire Brigade, with the cooperation of Kennedy Wilson, Aramark Property and MCR Security, successfully ran a fire drill exercise on the 2nd May at 3pm at Capital Dock.

Dublin Fire Brigade conduct fire training/produce a pre fire plan across all new high density developments, in order to ensure their crews and officers are familiar with the development in the event of a fire. As Capital Dock is Ireland’s tallest building, it is extremely important to ensure that emergency services and Security personnel are familiar with the evacuation procedures on the site.

The drill at Capital Dock involved a mock fire in apartment 1602, located on the 16th floor of the Hailing Station building.

The drill included a fire panel alert being set off, the mock fire was then confirmed by an investigating security officer who ran up the stairs to the 16th floor, the officer reported the fire to the Capital Dock security control room and the control room informed the emergency services.

The fire officers were met on the scene by MCR Security officers with the keys to the risers. Two security officers assisted the evacuation of the Hailing Station by guiding residents to the onsite assembly point.