Meet Tessa Rossi – GMP Technical Specialist at MCR Group

August 2, 2023 |

Meet Tessa Rossi – GMP Technical Specialist at MCR Group

As a passionate microbiologist with extensive research and laboratory experience, I am excited to be part of the MCR Group Life Science Division, where our commitment to continuous investment in GMP expertise drives excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Education and Journey

My journey in life sciences began with a Master’s Degree in Genetics and Microbiology, laying the foundation for my career in the field. Prior to joining MCR Group, I served as Lead Research Scientist at Ophthalmica, a renowned South African ophthalmic medical devices company. During my tenure, I took pride in developing an interdepartmental GMP training program that fostered a culture of quality and compliance.


Diverse Experience

My journey continued as a Quality Control Microbiology Analyst for a leading multi-national pharmaceutical firm, where I honed my skills in maintaining rigorous quality standards. Additionally, I explored the facilities management sector, working as a GMP microbiologist across various life science contracts, providing vital support in diverse capacities.


Facilitating Annex 1 Compliance

At MCR Group, our comprehensive GMP service offering empowers clients to achieve Annex 1 compliance seamlessly. As a GMP Technical Specialist, I bring a unique and diverse skill set to the industry, supporting our clients in various crucial areas:

🔍 Contamination Control Strategies: Leveraging my expertise, I contribute to the design of effective strategies that minimise contamination risks in the manufacturing process.

📚 Robust GMP Training Program: Ensuring our clients have a comprehensive GMP training program in line with Annex 1 requirements, equipping their teams with the knowledge and skills they need to excel.

🧼 Effective Cleaning and Disinfection Program: Developing compliant programs to maintain a pristine and aseptic manufacturing environment.

📜 Procedures and Policies: Collaborating with our clients to establish procedures and policies aligned with Annex 1 guidelines, fostering a culture of quality and safety.

🔧 Continuous Contamination Control Improvement: Committed to excellence, I provide continuous support to enhance contamination control practices for our clients.

🎯 Risk-Based Decision Making: I advocate for risk-based decision making, empowering our clients to identify and mitigate potential risks proactively.

As we forge ahead in the ever-evolving pharmaceutical landscape, I am proud to be part of the MCR Group, where innovation, expertise, and dedication converge to drive excellence. At MCR Group, we can help our achieve Annex 1 compliance and elevate the standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing.