Meet Angela Walsh – GMP Cleaning Support Specialist

August 4, 2023 |

Angela Walsh – GMP Cleaning Support Specialist

With a remarkable track record spanning over 22 years in the industry, Angela Walsh has become a highly skilled and dedicated GMP Cleaning Support Specialist. Her expertise, practical knowledge, and commitment to excellence have established her as a leading professional in ensuring compliance and efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Angela’s journey began at a manufacturing facility, where she started as a Production Operator and swiftly showcased her capabilities, earning a well-deserved promotion to Production Supervisor. During her 8-year tenure at the facility, Angela gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of GMP standards and the significance of maintaining a clean and controlled environment in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Seeking new challenges and opportunities, Angela joined Pfizer, a renowned pharmaceutical giant, where she thrived in various roles such as Senior Supervisor and Site Manager/Cover Manager. Her time at Pfizer honed her skills in managing teams and upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and compliance.

In recognition of her exceptional performance and unwavering dedication, Pfizer elevated Angela to the prestigious role of Cleaning Support Specialist.

Angela’s expertise enables her to contribute significantly to the compliance process across MCR Group contracts by providing essential personnel training and ensuring that all GMP personnel are well-equipped and informed. She actively promotes adherence to effective cleaning and disinfection programs, fully understanding their role in maintaining a contaminant-free manufacturing environment.

Furthermore, Angela actively contributes to the development of procedures and policies, aimed at optimising cleaning and disinfection processes within the pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Her thorough approach is evident through her involvement in conducting site-specific audits, ensuring prompt rectification of any deviations.

As GMP Cleaning Support Specialist with MCR Group, Angela is well-versed in the most effective technologies and tools for cleaning and disinfection programs. Her extensive experience empowers her to offer site-specific advice, ensuring the facility adopts the most efficient and appropriate practices.

Working collaboratively with Tessa, MCR Group GMP Technical Specialist, Angela shares the responsibility of ensuring strict adherence to all GMP procedures, enforcing industry best practices, and maintaining the facility’s highest standards of compliance. Together, they work towards ensuring our contracts are audit-ready, upholding the utmost levels of cleanliness and efficiency.

Angela’s unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with her impressive qualifications and practical experience, make her an invaluable asset in maintaining top-notch cleanliness and compliance in GMP environments. Her dedication to the pharmaceutical industry is evident in her continuous pursuit of excellence and the exceptional results she delivers.