MCR Security Supervisor Awarded the Dublin Fire Brigade Good Samaritan Coin in Recognition of his Role in Saving a Customer’s Life at Ilac Shopping Centre

May 25, 2018 |

Our Security Supervisor at The Ilac Shopping Centre was recently presented at an awards ceremony with the Dublin Fire Brigade Good Samaritan Coin, in recognition of his role in saving a customer’s life.

A few weeks ago while working in the Ilac, the Security Supervisor was approached by a man experiencing chest pain who subsequently went into cardiac arrest. The Security Supervisor performed CPR and attached the defibrillator to the man that is installed on site at the Ilac. The Security Supervisor and the team were instrumental in assisting the man, providing CPR until the paramedics arrived on site.

The man returned to The Ilac recently and thanked the Security team for their help. MCR is extremely proud of the team on site at the Ilac for their immense effort on the day.

The Dublin Fire Brigade Good Samaritan Coin. Picture Credit @DublinFireBrigade Twitter