MCR Group Attends Unveiling of the Unmasked Exhibition in St. James’s Hospital

September 30, 2022 |

Operations Manager Eugene Sloan and the site security team were delighted to be invited to attend the unveiling of the new art exhibition Unmasked in St. James’s Hospital.

The collection features the faces of eight of the front-line workers of St. James’s Hospital and are painted by the street artist, Asbestos. The aim of the collection is to pay tribute to the many healthcare frontline workers who were hidden behind facemasks during the Covid-19 pandemic. The murals recognise the tireless and courageous efforts of the frontline staff of St. James’s Hospital and the compassion and devotion they showed patients during the two-year pandemic.

Featured in the photo below is our Senior Operations Manager, Eugene Sloan (left) and site Security Manager  Ronnie Weston (right), who was selected by St. James’s Hospital to be a part of this project for his commitment and dedication to the hospital throughout the pandemic.

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