Affinity Concierge Presentation to Staff at George’s Quay

April 28, 2021 |

MCR Group established ‘Affinity Concierge’ as a result of the growing need for dedicated concierge services in Commercial Developments in Ireland. Pictured below are members of the Aramark Northern Europe George’s Quay Concierge team, after receiving their certificates and Affinity Concierge pins for completion of the Affinity Concierge training programme.

Images of Affinity Concierge Employee’s Being Presented With Their Certificates by MCR Group and Affinity Concierge Management

Affinity Concierge was established in 2019. It offers a diverse range of concierge amenities and services, tailored to meet the needs of our clients through a specialised, focused training plan developed by our team. Even where your building does not require concierge services, we can offer training to Cleaning and Security staff who are in constant contact with the public to improve their interaction. Through Affinity Concierge we inspire meaningful relationships between people and places.

Members of the MCR Group and Affinity Concierge Management Team