March 30, 2018 |

MCR Automation supplied two special high speed tray former system by Endoline. This system was customised for Vistakon’s special trays on there new optical goods lines.

  • 501 tray erector + 2 Forming Tools.
  • Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Upgrade to partial Stainless Steel Door Panels and Machine finish in RAL9007
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Low hopper sensing
  • Make on demand sensing
  • Message display unit/HMI
  • IP65 Enclosures
  • Polycarbonate Guards to replace PETG
  • Non-Standard Parts to accommodate tray sizes
  • Additional Specific Items ref: TAR3922
  • Additional Design-Build Labour Time
  • 1.5m belt conveyor with side guides
  • Tray Size: 156mm wide x 261mm long  x 98mm
  • New tray 268.29mm wide x 320.67mm long x 156.37mm high
  • Two Tool size
  • Rates 18/20 Tray per Min