December 12, 2017 |

Client: Rottapharm
Contract Duration: 2014 – Present

MCR manages cleaning, engineering and security services at Rottapharm.

Cleaning Services Provided:

Prior to using MCR, Rottapharm used a number of different contractors to carry out various cleaning services at the plant including:

  • GMP areas such as clean rooms
  • Industrial cleaning such as windows, power washing, clean room deep cleans
  • Daily office cleaning
  • Washroom consumables
  • Landscaping

MCR were able to provide a single supplier solution for all the above services to Rottapharm at their Damastown facility and one fixed monthly bill for all the combined services, with quarterly KPI/SLA reviews ensuring standards are kept very high at all times


Security Services Provided:

MCR have a 24 hour Security presence at Rottapharm’s Damastown facility. Duties on site include:

  • Managing the Building Management System
  • Patrol and check of the emergency door and report any defects
  • All officers are trained to put on protective clothing while entering certain areas on site
  • All officers have received specialist training called Known Suppliers training as the warehouse is a Bonded warehouse
  • Fortnightly meeting are held with facility management to ensure standards are high
  • MCR patrol supervisors monitor the officers while on duty each night to ensure standards are high
  • Monthly toolbox talks are given to all officers deployed to this location
  • All officers are trained on emergency evacuation procedures
  • Controlling the access and egress of personnel through CCTV and electric gates


Engineering Services Provided:

  • MCR manage the service of all loading bays and the goods lift at the Rottapharm plant