Nutrition Supplies

March 30, 2018 |

Nutrition Supply Services project to package various final products (Vitamins, Minerals, Nucleotides, Amino Acids and PUFA’s) into three specific box sizes.

The MCR Automation new packaging line consist of three packaging specific areas. The high containment packaging area, consisting of a liner inserter, decuffer sealer, box taper, labeller and transfer conveyors. An ATEX rated product filling suite within the high containment area, containing the product filling equipment. The secondary containment area that will house box erection and finished product pallitising operations.

External to the secondary high containment area will be the box line consumables assembly area and a finished product holding area as per details in sketch above.

MCR Automation are using barcode tracking technology to track fully packed boxes to palletising robots to avoid any product mixing. The box packaging line will operate as a standalone facility as regards line operations; the filler will however be interlocked to the building environmental controls such that it will only operate when the environmental controls are operational.

Nutrition Supply Services production operators will transfer finished product in 1.5 M/T Tote Bins from the facilities manufacturing area into the box line packaging area.  Here the totes will be loaded onto a discharge system located above the box filling equipment, from where they will be filled into either of the three box sizes to the required different finished product weights for that specific box.