Classified Meat Company

March 30, 2018 |

MCR Automation has worked extensively in the automation and building construction of a classified meat company’s burger line handling system.

The MCR system was designed to transport stretch wrapper palletised of frozen burgers in -25 degrees environment.

Fully stretch wrapped pallets are loaded on the first in feed section in the cold room. Guides are fitted on the conveyor to make sure forklift operators load the pallet in correctly position on the chains. The conveyor then automatic accumulates pallet loads up to the first door. A total of three pallet can accumulate inside the cold room. In feed section is fitted with fork lift protection.

Then in the airlock between the two doors there will be another pallet conveyor zone. This will allow one pallet load to accumulate between the two doors. This will be an interlocked door system where only one door can be opened at one time. This will keep the cold room sealed at all time to prevent energy loss. The chain conveyor in this zone is fitted with an additional drive to shuttle the conveyor left and right to close the gap on transfer of the pallet load between the door gaps.

Then on the final unloading zone near the mezzanine floor this will allow pallet loads to transport through the two doors and accumulate for unloading. This will be a special design option to allow the chain to lift and lower the pallet load onto fixed mezzanine so electrical pallet jack can remove pallet. This area will be fitted with a light barrier and safety fencing. Each time a pallet is unloaded the system will mute, then the operator will remove the pallet. Once the pallet is remove the light barrier activates again and the system start accepting another pallet. The electrical panel and control system was placed outside the Cold Room area. Control Panel was fitted with touchscreen system for automatic and manual jog system. Option included for Automatic reverse mode.