Classified Beverage Company

April 3, 2018 |

Automated Guided Vehicles Project

MCR Automation provides Automated Guided Vehicles for Concentrated production filling lines and full service support.

1 number Egemin special 4 pallet AGV System from Production area to new warehouse

2 number Egemin LTV 0530 /L vehicles for efficient & effective load transfer from Serac & Main Lines over a 5.5 days x 16 hours / day working week.

Modification / Extension of pick-up conveyors at Serac & Main Lines to allow simultaneous transfer of 2 palletised loads onto adjacent AGV.

Modification of existing buffer conveyor to allow simultaneous delivery of 2 loads from AGV.

Expansion of existing E’tricc control system to include 2 new vehicles.

Automated Box Lines

MCR Automation provides Automated Box Erecting equipment for Salt Lines including full service support.

  • Endoline Case erector Model 223 with Hot melt
  • Endoline Case erector. Model 204 with Hot melt
  • Endoline Case erector Model 205 with Hot melt
  • Endoline Case erector Model 225 with Hot melt