Airside Retail Park

February 27, 2018 |

Client: JLL
Contract Duration: 2014 – Present


Airside Retail Shopping Centre is located in Swords. Airside is split in two with a shopping area and business park. There is also a substantial level of car dealers located in Airside adding to traffic levels at the centre.

Airside Retail were having trouble with ‘boy racers’ with modified cars congregating after hours at the centre on the first Friday of each month. They were able to gain access as the car park had no gates on the retail park side. MCR carried out a security survey on how to prevent 300 plus cars from entering the car park while not impinging on the business of the retail park. For example. Mc Donald’s has a drive through that had to be able to continue to trade as normal.

MCR came up with a plan for closing off each car park section, designed the best way to move cars out of each car park section, and put procedures in place to ensure that no ‘boy racer’ entered the car park going forward.


Initial Set Up of Car Park Plan:

  • MCR suggested that removable steel posts could be put in certain positions on the road at the entrance routes into the retail park, as businesses were closing for the night. MCR had additional security on the day of installation, watching out for any modified cars that might come into the retail park prior to closing time, so they could be stopped.
  • We provided temporary barriers to block of the car park around McDonalds, this ensured that McDonalds could trade without interruption
  • As this was taking place, MCR staff were handling the traffic, guiding them in and out of the access road keeping it flowing smoothly to ensure that all patrons could enter McDonalds, all staff could leave the retail park, and that all customers leaving could do so in an orderly fashion.
  • Once all businesses had closed in the retail parks the remaining posts were inserted into the ground ensuring no access for the ‘boy racer’ group.
  • We had traffic management staff there all night to ensure that the McDonalds car park and other late night business traded as normal.
  • We had security patrol vehicles in Airside all night patrolling to ensure that nothing was tampered with
  • A few boy racers tried to access the McDonalds car park but our patrol vans blocked their access and then they left.
  • At 06.30hrs the following morning we started to remove all the steel posts and temporary barriers to allow all business to trade as normal